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Akihabara travel guide – Wikitravel
Besides electronics, Akihabara also has a great number of specialty hobbyist stores, ranging from anime and manga to collectible toys to military and railway 

Akihabara - Tokyo - Yodobashi CameraAkihabara – Tokyo – Yodobashi Camera
PC Parts and Accesories Floor.

Tokyo Travel: Akihabara – – Japan Travel and …

The Shinjuku based discount electronic store giant Yodobashi Camera opened its huge Akihabara branch in … Electronic prices in Akihabara/Japan 2 reactions, …

bamboo-innovators-resilience-in-value-creationBamboo Innovators: R.E.S.-ilience in Value Creation
from KeeKoonBoon, 6 months ago in Technology

World's lightest and thinnest circuits pave the way for 'imperceptible …
AkihabaraNews, on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 03:02:01 -0700
“This is a very convenient way of making electronics stretchable because you can fabricate high performance devices in a flat state and then just transfer them over to a stretchable substrate and create something that is very compliant and stretchable

MAKE | Dangerous Prototypes Visits Akihabara DangPro visited Akihabara Electric Town, the fabulous electronic component district located in Tokyo. So jealous! After all is said and done the only advantage that I could see from a business model perspective would be the circuses of going to such a location because I doubt the parts would be any cheaper than online ordering through the standard sources and, in the long run, the stateside model would thus not be sustainable.

Tokyo New City Guide
Mayumi Yoshida Barakan, Judith Connor Greer, published 1996, 368 pages

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